Health on a planet in crisis

The new issue of Stanford Medicine magazine explores how the environment and health interact — and ways to counter negative impacts.

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Letter from the Dean

Turning to science to counter climate threats

Physicians and scientists have a history of not flinching in a crisis; daunting climate-related health challenges won’t alter that.


Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

Designer dieting

Biomarkers found that could help individualize weight-loss methods

Mirroring aggression

Watching counterparts brawl fires fighting neurons in mice

A key to long COVID

Scientists find a way to block the mechanism that leads to debilitating breathing problems

Anxious hearts

A racing heart can make mice more anxious in risky situations

Go get it

Researchers turn cancer cells into “informant” cells that train the immune system to fight back

Predicting preemie health

Machine learning approach helps identify which infants are vulnerable to complications

An AI approach to epilepsy drugs

Method speeds up testing of new therapies for hard-to-treat cases

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Issue 3 / 2023

AI explodes

Taking the pulse of artificial intelligence in medicine