Human centered, discovery led

Excerpt: Stanford Medicine Integrated Strategic Plan

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Our strategic priorities

Value focused

•  Embrace a value-based culture.

•  Provide a highly personalized patient experience.

•  Ensure a seamless Stanford Medicine experience.

Digitally Driven

•  Amplify the impact of Stanford innovation globally.

•  Deliver human-centered, high-tech, high-touch care and revolutionize biomedical discovery.

•  Lead in population health and data science.

Uniquely Stanford

•  Accelerate discovery in and knowledge of human biology.

•  Discovered here, used everywhere: advance fundamental human knowledge, translational medicine and global health.

•  Ensure preeminence across all of our mission areas.


Value focused 

•  Invest in our people and community.

•  Embody value-driven operations.

Digitally driven

•  Build systems of intelligence.

•  Optimize our collaborative environment.

Uniquely Stanford

•  Strengthen organizational alignment.

•  Seek innovative partnerships and philanthropic support.