Real-world health

How social factors make or break us

This issue of Stanford Medicine magazine explores nonmedical factors that impact health and reports on initiatives that address the challenges and opportunities they present.

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Social determinants of health

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With drinking water out of reach for many kids, a pediatrician partners with schools to get them access


Letter from the Dean

Pioneering ways to build health equity for all

Uncovering the social factors behind the nation’s gaps in well-being and longevity


Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

COVID-fat connection

Ability of virus to infect fat tissue might explain why obesity raises risk of severe disease

Brain tumor heat treatment

Infrared light can destroy brain tumors without damaging surrounding tissue

Eyes on the OR

Monitoring system designed to promote culture of safety

Counteracting Alzheimer’s

Key gene variant found to reduce risk of disorder

Dueling diets

Keto diets don’t measure up in key areas

Retinal implant

New device delivers highest resolution currently available

Better beginnings for opioid babies

Common antinausea drug could reduce neonatal opioid withdrawal symptoms

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Issue 3 / 2023

AI explodes

Taking the pulse of artificial intelligence in medicine