The most mysterious organ

Unlocking the secrets of the brain

This issue of Stanford Medicine magazine explores scientific advances that are helping unlock the mysteries of the brain.

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Letter from the Dean

Opening our black box

Advances in brain science are guiding us to better understand and treat neurological conditions




A quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

Disease blueprints

New service helps patients explore genetic code for clues to ailments and treatments

Herniated disc relief

New device helps prevent repeat spinal disc herniation

Scar-free healing

Researchers find clues into scarring and how to prevent it

Nitrate risk in pregnancy

Women exposed to nitrate in their drinking water during pregnancy are at risk for preterm birth

COVID-brain clues

Inflammation found in brains of autopsied COVID-19 patients

Children’s vaccine trials

Response of youngsters is being evaluated

Pandemic hits Latinos hard

COVID-19 infections, death rates are higher for Latinos in California

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Issue 3 / 2023

AI explodes

Taking the pulse of artificial intelligence in medicine