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Rosanne Spector

Associate Editor:

Patricia Hannon

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David Armario Design

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Paul Costello

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Cecilia Arradaza

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Alison Peterson

Stanford Medicine is a 2020 CASE Gold Award winner for magazine design in the Circle of Excellence competition. The magazine is published four times a year by the Stanford Health Care | School of Medicine Office of Communications as part of an ongoing program of public information and education.

Letters to the editor, subscriptions, address changes and correspondence for permission to copy or reprint should be addressed to Stanford Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, 455 Broadway St., 4th floor, MC 5471, Redwood City, CA 94063. We can be reached by phone at (650) 723-6911; by fax at (650) 723-7172 and by email at medmag@stanford.edu.

To read the online version of Stanford Medicine and to get more news about Stanford Medicine visit http://med.stanford.edu. For information from the Stanford Medicine Alumni Association visit http://med.stanford.edu/alumni/.