Life time

The long and short of it

Before I go video

Time warps for a young surgeon with metastatic lung cancer

Time lines volumehigh

A conversation with Abraham Verghese



Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

Eye spy

A new computer algorithm could help physicians predict how quickly macular degeneration will worsen.

A family matter

Parents can work with therapists to help their teenage children recover from anorexia, according to a large randomized trial.

Fighting flu while pregnant

Influenza strongly activates pregnant women's immune cells — which could explain their higher risk of flu complications.

Chronic fatigue marker

The brains of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have diminished and, in one place in particular, abnormal white matter.

Semen warning

A study of infertile men finds relationships between deficiencies in their semen, hypertension and other health problems.

Swell solution

Home therapy helps control symptoms and save on the costs of treating lymphedema, a painful side effect of cancer treatments.

Letter From the Dean

Time matters

It’s all too easy to overlook one of the most powerful tools for enhancing our lives and others’: Time

The Backstory

What's going on up there?

Crane operator A.J. Barker climbs 200 feet each workday as he helps assemble the framework for the expansion of Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford.


Nobel beginnings

At the start of his graduate studies, renowned biochemist Paul Berg found himself in a predicament.


Side by side by side

Carrying triplets is unusual, as is developing an abnormal placenta. When Lily Estrada was caught in this perfect storm of rarity, fetal surgery saved her three boys' lives.

In Brief

Pilot study

Experienced aviators make better decisions while using less brainpower.

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