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Amy Jin


Young scientist helps design software that measures a surgeon’s skill

Cover for On the record

On the record

Meet a new member of the health care team: the electronic health record

Cover for Computer memory

Computer memory

Capturing the brain’s learning and recall motor in silicon

Cover for Driving us sane

Driving us sane

In a literal test drive, I chatted with experimental robots that help manage stress — here’s how it went

Cover for Hands-on


Surgeon, educator and inventor builds on collaborations to advance the science of touch

Letter from the dean

Planning a digital future with humanity

Embracing high-tech tools without diminishing the crucial need for the human touch


Cover for Compatible with life?

Compatible with life?

Doctors and families grapple with what’s next when a severe genetic disorder is diagnosed during pregnancy

Cover for Going strong

Going strong

Genetic screening could provide an early chance to counter bone weakening

Cover for Snake weather

Snake weather

Climate study shows uptick in bites after rainy seasons and drop following droughts


Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

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