Out there

Charting medicine's unknowns

The issue highlights science that pushes boundaries to save lives and considers ethical questions that are a fundamental part of research.


Letter from the Dean

Empathy must inform science

Understanding humanity is essential as we push boundaries of medical and scientific knowledge



Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

Mystery microbes

An analysis of blood reveals that most microbes living inside humans have never been seen before.

Peanut butter cookie? Yes, please!

Combining an antibody drug with a food desensitization process helps children combat multiple food allergies at once.

Intensive-care inequities

The quality of neonatal intensive care in California is inconsistent across racial and ethnic groups.

Halting tumor growth

Ready, set, …

The discovery that muscle stem cells behave differently in the body than they do in lab dishes changes how researchers view stem cell function.

Cancer crushers

A new form of CAR-T cell therapy could expand cancer treatment options.

Valve replacement insight

Mechanical heart valves are often safer than natural tissue for mitral valve replacement until age 70.

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Issue 3 / 2023

AI explodes

Taking the pulse of artificial intelligence in medicine