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Illustration of a hand reaching into a field of data, by Harry Campbell

Data dealers

Researchers are harnessing millions of de-identified patient records for the ultimate consult

Stroke clock illustration by Jeffrey Decoster


Treating blood clots in the brain goes from fast to faster to fastest


Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

Letter from the Dean

Pioneering solutions for every patient

Enhancing the value and promise of precision health


Illustration of a pilot flying over a mesa in a dream, by Jeffrey Decoster

Dream weaver

An image of a mesa that came to a scientist in his sleep sparks insight into a deadly heart disorder

Antonio Hardan and Karen Parker photo, by Brian Smale

Making connections

Children with autism show social improvement when treated with the hormone vasopressin

Rain Ungert / EyeEm image of smoke from an e-cigarette

Flavor danger

Harmful effects of e-cigarettes are heightened by cinnamon, menthol and other flavorings

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