Cracking cancer's code

New reasons for hope

This issue of Stanford Medicine magazine focuses on the progress in developing precision cures and identifying ways to predict and prevent the disease.

2020 Issue 1

Letter from the Dean

Making strides against cancer

Stanford researchers stand at the forefront of efforts to defeat the disease



Graphic illustration by Gary Taxali

Rave new world

The discovery that it might be possible to eliminate Ecstasy’s addictive properties could increase the drug’s potential for use in psychiatry, new research shows.


Upfront is a quick look at the latest development from Stanford Medicine

A gift of education

A philanthropist’s challenge grant will make nearly $90 million in new financial assistance available to eliminate medical school debt for incoming students in need.

Alcohol flushing tied to Alzheimer’s

A common mutation that causes facial flushing and inflammation in response to alcohol can lead to biochemical changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers say.

Hiding in plain sight

Even teens who aren’t especially thin could be dangerously ill from atypical anorexia nervosa, according to new research.

Take it to heart

Stents or bypass surgeries might not be needed for patients with stable heart disease who don’t have symptoms of chest pain.

Cooling down

The average body temperature has dropped 0.05 F every decade since the 1800s, analysis finds.

New Health Trends Report

The Stanford Medicine 2020 Health Trends Report shows physicians and medical students preparing for a health care future improved by data science and technological advances.

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