Spotlight on kids

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A digital display that runs nature-themed videos

A healing environment

New Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford includes family and nature in care

Hospital overview

At a glance

Highlights of the new Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford

Teenage boy standing next to his mother

Hide and seek

Pioneering immunotherapy to find and kill elusive cancer cells in children

Illustration of immersive technology

Virtual calming

Easing anxiety in young patients using immersive technology

Letter from the dean

Special care for the smallest patients

Children are not just little adults and their care needs to reflect that


Illustration by Greg Clarke

Curing our climate

Why we should shout about environmental changes that are making us sick


Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

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Cover for AI explodes
Issue 3 / 2023

AI explodes

Taking the pulse of artificial intelligence in medicine