Ties that heal

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Heart felt

In a rare "domino" transplant, one woman receives a heart-lung transplant — and meets the woman who received her heart.


'Querido doctorcito'

The relationship between artist Frida Kahlo and her Stanford physician-pen pal, Leo Eloesser, MD.

Inside Stanford Medicine

All in the family

The third generation of a family that carries a gene that almost inevitably causes stomach cancer finds help and hope.


What’s behind the overdoses

Today’s heroin epidemic, and the opioid prescriptions that fuel it. A conversation with addiction expert Keith Humphreys, PhD.


Hands on

What Abraham Verghese, MD, teaches students about the value of a bedside exam.


Why grandmas are great

A conversation with veteran journalist Lesley Stahl, whose new book is Becoming Grandma.

From the Archives

Precision psych

Brain waves

Mental health treatment is on the verge of being customized, based on knowledge from neuroscience about which circuits in the brain are going awry.

We have liftoff

Rocket men

How three engineering grad students with dreams of exploring space turned their expertise toward analyzing human breath for disease.

The stuff of science fiction

A singularity sensation

Author Vernor Vinge contemplates the future of big data, the prospect of extreme longevity and why we’ll still need doctors.

Microchimerism mystery

The yin-yang factor

Fetal cells can hang around in mom’s body for decades after pregnancy — with mixed results. They may both repair damaged cells and trigger autoimmune disease.

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Precision health

On medicine's frontier

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The road ahead

Summer 2015

Skin deep

The science of the body's surface