The art and science of hearing

This issue of Stanford Medicine focuses on the importance of listening and hearing, and how new discoveries could improve both.

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Letter from the Dean

Listening is fundamental

The mystery of sound and how it affects us




Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

Dancing DNA

A new CRISPR/Cas9 DNA labeling technique finds that DNA flails around during the transcription process, increasing its ability to connect distant regions of the genome.

Before you go

Sharing your bucket list with your doctor could open the way to better conversations about your long-term health care decisions.

Iron block

Researchers explore ways to prevent a fungal infection that’s common in transplant patients who have high iron levels in their tissue.

Military moms

Women who have babies shortly after returning from military deployment are more likely to have preterm babies.

Zapping more tumors in mice

An experimental cancer treatment tested in mice is showing promise in tracking down and killing tumors throughout the body.

Resetting the stroke clock

New brain-imaging software identifies people who might benefit from treatment long after the time it has generally been considered helpful.

Weighing in

Researchers have found that, contrary to previous studies, insulin levels and a specific genotype pattern don’t predict weight-loss success.

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AI explodes

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