The art and science of hearing

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A conversation with her oncology team helped Kimberly Allison embrace her treatment plan after a devastating diagnosis. Max Aguilera-Hellweg photography

Are you listening?

Modern medicine challenges the crucial bond between doctors and patients

Man sitting in chair with people around him who are grayed out to indicate he can't hear them. Illustration by Gérard DeBois

Hear and now

Better, less costly treatments for hearing loss coming soon

Illustration by David Plunkert of man's face juxtaposed as a machine

All ears

A sampler of intelligent listening technologies emerging from Stanford

A transverse section through the middle of an embryonic chicken cochlea

To hear again

Birds regrow damaged inner ear cells. Why can’t we?

Letter from the dean

Listening is fundamental

The mystery of sound and how it affects us


Cover for Tell me your story

Tell me your story

Patients and caregivers heal and help others by recounting their experiences

Cover for Worry weight

Worry weight

Stress at the wrong time causes fat cells to flourish



Upfront is a quick look at the latest developments from Stanford Medicine

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